Episode 76 – Vermin with Lisa Sarasohn

Lisa Sarasohn (Oregon State University) joins Merle and Lee to discuss her work on vermin, their interactions with humanity, and how humanity has perceived them over the past few centuries.

Dawn of the Dead

Episode 71 – Zombie Films with Todd Platts

Todd Platts (Piedmont Virginia Community College) joins the Infectious Historians to discuss some of his work on zombie films as a form of disease movies. 

Covid Calls

Episode 59 – Covid Calls with Scott Knowles

Scott Gabriel Knowless comes on the podcast to discuss his daily show, Covid Calls, and what he has learned from talking to people from across the world since March 2020.


Episode 54 – Alexandre Yersin with Michael Vann

Michael Vann (California State University, Sacramento) returns to the Infectious Historians podcast, this time to discuss Alexandre Yersin’s life from a critical perspective.

Infectious Historians logo

Episode 52 – 1st Anniversary!

Merle and Lee celebrate one year of Infectious Historians by reflecting on the past year, Covid, and the podcast.

Third pandemic

Episode 10 – The Third Pandemic

Christos Lynteris, a leading expert on the Third Plague Pandemic, discusses the Third Pandemic and its impacts during the 20th century.