The Local Effects of Covid in Kansas City with A.J. Herrmann

Episode 37 - November 22, 2020
Penn Valley Park

A.J. Herrmann (Director of Policy for Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Missouri) speaks with Merle and Lee about one of their key ideas, local experiences during a pandemic, but this time AJ talks about the theme today: during Covid in Kansas City. AJ begins by laying out the complex administrative and political regional situation of Kansas City, which straddles two states and multiple counties. He then moves on to a discussion of the city’s roll out of its first Covid policies in March and the responses and problems it encountered, as the city adjusted to new realities. At the end, AJ discusses communicating these policies to the citizens of the city and plans to prepare for potential vaccines.

Our Guest

A.J. Herrmann,

Director of Policy for Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City, Missouri.

A.J. Herrmann