Public Health Labs in History and during Covid with Claas Kirchhelle and Samantha Vanderslott

Episode 90 - April 21, 2022

Claas Kirchhelle (University College Dublin) and Samantha Vanderslott (Oxford University)  talk to Merle and Lee about the development and history of public health laboratories and how they worked (or didn’t) during Covid. After first discussing what a public health lab is and how they work, they speak about when they were created in a few countries around the world and how they have developed historically. Claas and Sam note the role of public and private labs together and the key role of Swine Flu in 2009 in how this shaped public health then and during Covid. They also point out the tensions between centralized big data goals and the need for local public health facilities and aims. At the end, Claas and Sam suggest how Covid might be used to shape better outcomes in the future with a greater place for social scientists in future planning.

Our Guests

Claas Kirchhelle

Lecturer/Assistant Professor, University College Dublin




Samantha Vanderslott

Oxford University Research Lecturer, Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford

Claas Kirchhelle
Samantha Vanderslelt