Episode 59 - Covid Calls with Scott Knowles

Episode 59 - May 2, 2021
Covid Calls


Scott Gabriel Knowles (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) joins Merle and Lee to talk about his daily show since March 2020, Covid Calls. Scott begins by providing background to his show, the guests he has had on, and his audience’s responses to the show. He then discusses some of the broad themes he has learned during his 269 shows (as of our taping), including the importance of local context during Covid and the ways in which new themes continue to emerge over the past fourteen months. At the end, he lays out a hopeful vision of what his work, and other public projects of historians and social scientists, could do to shape responses to disasters and Covid in the future.

Our Guest

Scott Gabriel Knowles,

Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Scott Knowles