The Age of Pandemics in India and the World with Chinmay Tumbe

Episode 42 - December 29, 2020
rajvaid 25 sep 1919 p. 12

Chinmay Tumbe (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad), talks to Merle and Lee about his new book, The Age of Pandemics, that reveals the story of how three pandemics – cholera, plague and influenza – have significantly affected India over the course of the long 19th century, resulting in episodes of mass mortality. He first discusses some background on all three pandemics and then turns to why they have not had significant historical scholarship on them over the last century. Chinmay then offers thoughts on new ways to approach the history of pandemics moving forward. At the end, he turns to the process of writing the book during Covid.

Our Guest

Chinmay Tumbe,

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Chinmay Tumbe