The Prescription to Prison Pipeline with Michelle Smirnova

Episode 117 - October 9, 2023
Prescription to prison pipeline book cover

Michelle Smirnova (University of Missouri-Kansas City) returns to the podcast to discuss her new book on drugs and prison in the United States, The Prescription to Prison Pipeline.The interview begins with a discussion of medicalization, and then generally follows the title of her book. The first part focuses on prescription drugs, touching also on subjects such as biomedicalization. The opioid epidemic and the so-called War on Drugs are linked to imprisonment in the United States. Finally, the pipeline section reflects upon structural issues that link drugs to imprisonment. Michelle also discusses some of the ethical concerns in working with incarcerated individuals. 

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Michelle Smirnova

Associate Professor of Sociology – Humanities and Social Sciences – University of Missouri-Kansas City.


Michelle Smirnova