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Diseased Cinema: Plagues, Pandemics, and Zombies in American Film with Robert Alpert

Episode 118 - October 16, 2023
diseased cinema book cover

Robert Alpert (Fordham University) joins the Infectious Historians to discuss the book they wrote together on disease in film. The conversation begins with a survey of the book and its argument. The three co-authors speak about the movies that are covered in the book, reflect upon the experience of co-writing a book (and its troubles) alongside each author’s contribution to the trio, and expand the book’s argument and some of its chapters – especially the chapters on the five remakes of the Body Snatcher movies and the six movies of the Resident Evil franchise. The three authors mention some of the movies they have covered in the book, as well as discuss how Covid changed the book. The episode ends off with a special reveal(!). 

Our Guests

Robert Alpert

Adjunct Instructor – Fordham University.