Dawn of the Dead

Episode 71 – Zombie Films with Todd Platts

Todd Platts (Piedmont Virginia Community College) joins the Infectious Historians to discuss some of his work on zombie films as a form of disease movies. 


Episode 54 – Alexandre Yersin with Michael Vann

Michael Vann (California State University, Sacramento) returns to the Infectious Historians podcast, this time to discuss Alexandre Yersin’s life from a critical perspective.

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Episode 52 – 1st Anniversary!

Merle and Lee celebrate one year of Infectious Historians by reflecting on the past year, Covid, and the podcast.

Third pandemic

Episode 10 – The Third Pandemic

Christos Lynteris, a leading expert on the Third Plague Pandemic, discusses the Third Pandemic and its impacts during the 20th century.

COVID-19 mortality

The media visibility of COVID-19 mortality Lee Mordechai / April 13, 2020 The current pandemic, like other disasters, reveals much about the workings of different societies. Mortality – the most significant (and easily quantifiable) measure… Read More »COVID-19 mortality


Episode 4 – The Black Death

Abigail Agresta joins the podcast to discuss the most infamous pandemic in history – the Black Death.

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Episode 0 – Introduction

An introductory episode in which Merle and Lee discuss the podcast and introduce themselves.