Medicine in the Middle East, 1830-1950 with Liat Kozma

Episode 18 - July 13, 20208
Staff of the school and hospital: 1884-1898

Liat Kozma (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) speaks about medicine in the modern Middle East using a regional perspective. The conversation discusses the beginnings of modern medicine in the region, the establishment of medicine schools from Istanbul to Baghdad to Cairo, the identity and activities of the practitioners and the health contrasts between urban centers in the region and the countryside. A recurring theme is the continued interaction between the Middle East and the broader world in particular Europe, demonstrated through politics as well as scientific debates. The conversation also covers certain events such as the cholera outbreaks in the region and their context.

Our Guest

Liat Kozma,

Associate Professor, Dept. of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Liat Kozma