The Black Death Part 2: Central Asia

Episode 5 - April 16, 2020
A plague burial in Central Asia. Credit: Phil Slavin

Phil Slavin joins Merle and Lee to discuss his innovative work on the unknown impact of the plague on Central Asia in the decades before the famous Black Death began in Europe. They also discuss the different types of non-written sources Phil uses to complete his work and views on collaboration between different disciplines, such as historians, archaeologists, and ancient DNA specialists. Merle and Lee conclude the episode with a new segment reflecting on Phil’s and Abigail’s Black Death episodes together and thoughts for the future of plague research.

A Central Asian gravestone
A Central Asian gravestone from the cemetery mentioned in the episode. The script around the cross is in Syriac. Credit: Phil Slavin
Our Guest

Phil Slavin,

Associate Professor of History, University of Stirling (Scotland)